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The best way to make huge profits from real estate in Australia

The key to making money from real estate in Australia is to get education before you start investing. A lot of university’s offer these courses but they can consume a lot of your time and don’t give quick results you could get from actual experts.

Australia’s best wealth creation specialist is Stuart Zadel. Stuart has been touring around the country stopping in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth teaching powerful real estate techniques to make quick profits from strategies that work in any market.

This event will be fully booked so get FREE tickets while you still can here FREE tickets to ‘The Ultimate Property Conference’. Find out everything you need to know about buying discounted homes, renovating ugly houses and developing sections in ANY MARKET.

Renovating houses education

(click on the link and go to the bottom of the page to register, this could be the best financial decision you have every made)

Proof of these strategies and examples of renovated homes are located at the bottom of this page. Jason and Hayley made $60,000 without any money of their own using a strategy they learned.

If you decide you want to participate in one of the courses it can skyrocket your income and you could eventually quit your day job like some of the successful students. There is no investment to make by attending this free seminar.

This is FREE to attend and has a lot of successful students who are making a FULL TIME living as a result of attending his development seminar. These events will be booked out so you will need to book quickly to secure a seat.

These are Australia’s leading property development experts and have the results to change your life. If you TAKE ACTION and learn what they are currently doing you can see how much money there is to be made buying homes.

Stuart will teach you his property development strategies in these major cities:


When: 18th-19th March 2017

Where:The Bay View Eden Hotel

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This is the best development course in Melbourne. The property market in Melbourne is full of potential and Stuart’s strategies are very effective.


When: 11th-12th March 2017

Where: Sydney Boulevard Hotel

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(once free seats are gone the price is $497)

One of the only development courses in Sydney which can help you make money in a tough market. No other strategy is as effective as Dominique Grubisa’s ‘Real Estate Rescue’ for a busy housing market.


When: 8th-9th April 2017

Where: Hotel Jen Brisbane

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(once free seats are gone the price is $497)

The Brisbane housing market is great using the strategies you will learn at the ultimate property conference.

There are a lot of deals in Brisbane which you can get quick cash with the right strategy.

Once you hear the experts teach you at how they consistently make profits you can see which suburbs are the best property suburbs to invest in.


When: 24rd-25th June 2017

Where: Adelaide Convention Centre

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(once free seats are gone the price is $497)

The next two day event in Adelaide won’t be until mid June. This will definitely sell out.

There aren’t many people using these development strategies in Adelaide so the market is wide open.

Once you learn the best suburbs and strategies you can make great profits.


When: 25th-26th March 2017

Where: Perth Convention and Exhibition Center

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(once free seats are gone the price is $497)

With the downturn in mining in WA most people have got out of property investing.

The Perth property investment seminar is an excellent way to learn how to make money in Perth which not many people know about.

There are more deals to be had in Perth now as people are trying to sell their distressed property.

If you want to find like minded property investors there is a real estate seminar Meetup in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth

Why you need a mentor

If you want to make money from real estate in 2016 you will need to learn as much as you can from a good educator. Always choose a good mentor to help with your personal development. You can learn more about becoming a property developer online but it’s much better meeting face to face with a mentor. You will need to invest money on your education as nobody who is extremely successful will teach you how they did it without wanting something in return.

This site was created to help Australian’s become financially free through investing in real estate. If you think the housing market in Australia has become too volatile to invest in, think again.

Market analysis John Lindeman is a boom suburb expert. He has developed a system to show where to invest in Australia and the best homes to buy. His strategy has been perfected over many years and getting cheap homes or land is a key to making great profits. You can hear him and other experts speak for free in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide or Perth by clicking here.

There are many people currently making a full time income using simple strategies most people don’t know about. The key to understanding ‘how to get the most out of your investment’ is without a doubt education and action.

What will you learn?

The most common forms of developments are:

  • Cosmetic Renovating
  • Structural Renovations
  • Sub dividing
  • Building on empty land

These strategies and more are taught at Stuart’s free course.

There are a lot of different options to choose from when looking for a seminar to attend. You can easily do a quick Google search and learn more about getting started in property development. You should do your homework before getting advice from any investing experts. Look for reviews and find out how long that seminar or course has been operating.

Stuart has the reputation and testimonies to from previous students so you know anyone can benefit from his courses. He has been teaching Australian’s longer than any other seminar and is constantly traveling to all major cities.

If they are new be weary as it’s good to go with someone who has been around for a while and has a good reputation. The more good reviews they have the better. Don’t trust reviews from people who did not do the courses on offer as they usually don’t have any factual information about the experience.

NEVER sign up to any investment courses where they try to sell you real estate. Obviously they will be motivated by their commission on the sale and that’s not recommended.

The seminar with the best reputation in Australia is by Zadel Property Education. This is one of the only seminars which travels to Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth. It’s also free to attend and has a lot of very successful students.
Once the free tickets are gone you will have to pay to attend. These events will fill up. Only sign up if you are committed to making taking the time to learn from these experts. If you sign up and don’t attend someone else will be missing out.

How much does a could you make a year?

The answer to this depends on how many developments you make in a year and how much the property is worth. If you can do a structural development and add a lot of value to a home it is possible to make a more than someone who has a good job. The key is to get a few developments one after another and continue to make profits.

Who are these experts?

This seminar is run by Stuart Zadel has been traveling around Australia for over 10 years and there are a lot of very successful students as a result of attending his free seminar.

He has people teaching who are currently using these strategies and are willing to share how they do it with you.

All the speakers have trained ‘average people’ to make a lot of money with the best strategies most people don’t know about.

You can read reviews about the property investing experts here.

What results could I see?

Stuart’s strategies WORK. Recently in Perth the market has taken a downturn due to the mining collapse. People think it’s a bad time to invest in property. As you can below Jason and Hayley made a lot of money during this ‘collapse’.

In fact, using the strategies Dominique Grubisa teaches at her property investment seminars it’s the perfect time to buy.

Here are some of the results taken from


Although these are some of the better results some students have achieved the are still possible using the information taught at the seminar.

If you want to change your life financially attend one of the free events and take action!

What other options are there?

You can attend a university course and learn more housing development strategies. These are very extended courses and it takes years to get benefit from them. All of the major universities offer these courses and they come with a high price tag.

You need to work on your personal development to make it as an entrepreneur. The first thing you need to understand is it’s not going to be easy. There is no such thing as an overnight success. However, if you put in the hard work now the rewards are definitely worth it.

When you see all the experts from any seminar remember they have all got to where they are with years of hard work.

Dedicating yourself to your dream is the first goal you need to set. Sometimes this means missing social or family events to get things done. If you have a busy lifestyle already you may need to squeeze in time working on your dream whenever possible.

The easiest way to learn how the rich became where they are is to read ‘Think and Grow Rich’ by Napolean Hill. This book has an excellent message to help you get whatever you want in life. It’s a great read and can really help your development in life and business.

Why is is education so important?

The benefits from gaining a good education from a real estate seminar can be the difference between success and failure. Even the richest people in the world have mentors they look up to and learn from. If your starting your journey towards financial freedom you will need one too.

The real estate market has changed a lot in the past few years and to get the most out of your investment you need to be networking and learning from the best in the business.

A lot of the richest people in the world hold their fortune in real estate as it can be the most lucrative form of investing. Once you have the knowledge to build a large portfolio you can happily live off passive income and do the things you want to do.

Changing you mindset

If you can have a mindset shift from ‘working for the man’ to creating your own fortune, life can be a lot happier. Some people are happy to have a 9-5 job and don’t think of creating cash flow outside of work. Those of us who desire to spend our time doing the things we want instead of working for someone else can enjoy all the benefits of life.

There are a lot of options when it comes to choosing who to guide you towards financial freedom. Luckily we have done the research and found the best mentors in Australia who have a proven track record of helping average Australian’s achieve their dreams.

Here are some key points to consider before choosing a which property development course to attend.

  • Trust – Always choose a mentor how has your best interest in mind.
  • Experience – Pick someone who is successful using the same strategies
  • Reputation – How long have they been educating students?
  • Support – Are they going to give ongoing support?
  • Return on Investment – Is the cost of the course worth the return?

The top investment educator in Australia who ticks all these boxes is Stuart Zadel. Stuart has speaking at his free seminar for over 10 years. His seminar is held in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth all year round. He has an excellent reputation as a trustworthy speaker and is very approachable. Thousands of people have realized they can be financially free and live the life they want through Stuart’s guidance.

My Experience Going To Stuart Zadel’s Seminar

I first attended this event in 2011. I had a job in a bottle shop in Perth and didn’t have much direction what I wanted to do in life. I stumbled across an advertisement for Stuart’s event which was held over two days at the Perth Convention Center.

My partner and I were semi interested in attending but were tossing up whether to go to the beach instead.

We made the decision to attend the event and arrive early Saturday morning not know what to expect.

After attending the course I created a property development courses meetup group for property investors.

What happens at ‘The Ultimate Property Conference?’

Usually there are about 200-300 people attending this event. Everyone in attendance was like minded and wanted to learn the property development strategies. Most of the time it is sold out. After meeting with the volunteers we all entered the room and sat down to hear Stuart speak.

After the first session of about 2hrs hearing Stuart speak my mind was blown. I was experiencing thoughts and emotions I had never felt before. Could I become financially free and live a life off passive income?

These types of thoughts had never entered my mind in my life but it seemed like the path was becoming clear. Stuart had various guest speakers at the event who are all very successful people.

They told their story about how they made money from property and the strategies they used to make it.

Once all the strategies were explained it sounded pretty simple. Any previous ideas I had about how people make money were completely wrong.

Stuart explained about negative gearing and how people buy and hold hoping for capital gains. These strategies are somewhat problematic as the end result is out of your control.

As the real estate seminar went on I felt more and more empowered with each speaker.

After the two day seminar was finished I knew I had a new direction in life. I had learned more in the previous two days about creating income and becoming successful than I had in my entire life.

What will you learn?

The key to being successful from Stuart’s real estate seminar is taking action and learning from one of the experts on offer. You can happily left the free seminar and have a lot of knowledge but having a mentor teach you details of these strategies will accelerate your success.

Another key factor to consider is networking with like minded people. You will meet so many people at the event who will go on to make a lot of money in property.

If you apply the information and take action you can replace your full time income and live the life you want.

This website was created to help you realize you can achieve your dreams and become financially free through using Stuart’s investment advice.

It just takes ACTION. Don’t leave this site without going to Stuart’s free event and hearing the personal development strategies which have made average Australian’s a lot of money.

Successful Students

There a lot of students which attended the ultimate property conference and gone on to make $100,000’s from their property developments and investments.

There are too many to list here so this page is collection of people I have personally met during my time at Stuart’s seminar.

Kaile and Wayne made over $500,000 renovating in Perth. I could tell they were highly motivated and managed to find a lot of distressed property with the help of Dominique Grubisa’s ‘Real Estate Rescue’ course.

They combined the skill of getting cheap property with the lessons learn from renovating for profit and managed to flip quite a few houses in a short amount of time.

I first met Kalie and Wayne at Stuart’s Zadel’s ‘Leadership’ event in Sydney in 2012. Since then they have been one of Stuart’s biggest success stories.

This is an event where students who have participated in one of of the courses at ‘The Ultimate Property Conference’ can go to learn directly from Stuart. It’s a very powerful event that truly changed my life.

At that stage Kalie or Wayne hadn’t completed any renovations together. I saw a transformation in them that weekend from all the powerful mindset and confidence activities we participated in.

Fast forward to 2015 and they were one of Stuart, Dominique and Cherie’s best students. They combined the strategies of acquiring discounted property through Dominique’s ‘Real Estate Rescue’ and Cherie’s ‘Renovating for Profit’ course.

It turned out to be an excellent combination as they were getting under market value properties and doing quick cosmetic renovations to flip them for substantial profits.

Here is another example of a renovation Kalie and Wayne completed.

Due to the success of these two they are often featured at Dominique Grubisa’s event ‘Real Estate Rescue’. Wayne has previously been a mentor for students who are starting their journey into real estate investing.

If you are planning on attending Stuart’s event with your partner I would suggest to follow in Kalie and Wayne’s footsteps and use their powerful method of acquiring discounted property through Dominique Grubisa’s Real Estate Rescue course and renovating them for a quick sale

Jason and Hayley

Jason and Hayley have a different story as they made a lot of money during a downturn in the Perth property market. They also made their money using a money partner so they didn’t need to invest a cent.

The money partner provided the funds and they did the renovation. This is a common strategy Dominique’s students as you will be introduced to money partners at her seminar.

I met Jason and Hayley through their J & H Property Group Facebook page. If you want to see more pictures of their renovations in Perth click on the link.

When I met them they were doing their 4th renovation in South Lake which is pictured below. My wife and I were able to go along and see the progress of the renovation which was fun.

They had been to Stuart’s property education seminar and I knew they were very like minded people.

They are very humble down to earth and are killing it in the Perth property market.

The best part is they started their journey investing nothing. That’s right, they found the deals and the money came to them through money partners.

The profit was split 50/50 with the money partner. You can see the figures from a couple of renovations they did below.

Leda Property – Small cosmetic reno

This property was purchased ‘on the
market’. Jason and Hayley knew their numbers before purchasing this property and knew there was a tidy profit.

They used the strategies Jason was taught at Cherie Barber’s ‘renovating for profit’ course.

This was a simple cosmetic renovation which Cherie is an expert in.

She manages to keep costs way below what you would expect to completely change an entire house.

Cost breakdown

Purchase price – $290,000

Total renovation Budget (Including Stamp Duty/reno and sales cost)


Resale – $405,000

Profit $55,000 which was split 50/50 with a money partner

South Lake Property – Major
Cosmetic Reno

Jason and Hayley managed to secure this property under market value through a distressed seller.

Using the strategies Jason was taught in Dominique’s course they negotiated a private sale with the bank on the owners behalf.

This worked out great for the owner as they were out of debt and Jason and Hayley gained instant equity.

The house needed some work as you can see in the pictures.

Cost breakdown

Purchase Price – $350,000

Total renovation budget (Including Stamp duty/reno and sales cost) – $119,000

Resale – $530,000

Profit $60,000 which was split 50/50 with a money partner

You can learn more about how much a property developer makes here. These figures are much different to how much you can make flipping properties.